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Taste our Ethiopian food in Spokane, WA

Our menu contains a true representation of authentic Ethiopian food. Our dream was to bring these unique and tasty culinary creations to the people of Spokane, along with the rich communal dining experience that is part of everyday life in Ethiopia.
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Authentic Ethiopian food

If you have never tried authentic Ethiopian food before, you are in for quite a treat. Ethiopian food is richly flavorful and unique. We use fresh vegetables, high-quality meats and signature spice blends in our dishes, and we prepare them in an authentic way. 

Communal eating

In addition to our fresh, flavorful dishes, you can also have a truly authentic Ethiopian dining experience at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine. Enjoy tasty meals from our menu in a communal setting with friends and family. We serve the food on large platters with a typical flat bread called injera. We recommend eating in the traditional way- with your hands. Tear off a piece of Injera and wrap the food in it.
Ethiopian coffee ritual

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Receiving an invitation to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a symbol of true friendship and respect. This ceremony is a core component to Ethiopian society, and a tradition we've brought to Spokane. The ceremony is traditionally performed when guests visit a friend's home. The often lengthy process of making and sipping coffee typically involves drinking three cups, as the third is considered a blessing. Completing Abol (the first round), Tona (second round) and Baraka (third round) are said to promote a transformation of the spirit.

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